PRM’s Soil Biology Solution

Improve Plant Health

PRM’s biology makes nutrients in the soil more bioavaliable, and accessible to plants. This leads to heartier, more tolerant plant life.

Save Water

Healthier soil leads to more water retention, which means you spend less money and time watering.

Reduce Pesticides

Stellar soil biology means stronger plants, which means less time and money spent on pesticides.

“Since we began in 2017, PRM has helped us exceed PGA Tour quality expectations and achieve better turf conditions each year.”

Joe Aholt

Superintendent, Hillcrest Country Club

Case Study: The Valley Club of Montecito

PRM’s three month trial at the Valley Club of Montecito shows the power of our service. Over three months of PRM usage, and:

  • Substantially reduced compaction and thatch
  • Improving turf quality and drainage
  • Recovery time was reduced significantly, reflected in member feedback
  • Over 20 club members gave unsolicited positive feedback about the fairway using PRM when compared its pre-PRM performance or other control fairways on the course
For Agriculture and Farms

Our soil biology will have a great impact on your crops:

  • Save water
  • Save pesticides
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Healthier crops
  • Larger yields
  • Faster growth
For Sports Fields and Turf

 Our soil biology will greatly impact your sports turf:

  • Reduced soil compaction allowing for greater water retention
  • Hardier turf that recovers faster
  • Improvements in turf density and color
  • Soil “black layer” eliminated
For Golf Courses

For golf courses, we offer several key improvements:

  • Improve playing conditions
  • Save water 
  • Reduce fertility inputs
  • Buffer salts
  • Reduce your environmental footprint

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