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Sports fields and turf bring unique challenges to turf managers. Turf needs to be resilient to survive the wide variety of different events, both sporting and otherwise, held on sports fields. High-traffic areas (like a pitcher’s mound or home plate) receive loads of traffic stress. PRM can help make your sports turf more resilient.

Faster Recovery Time
  • PRM’s soil treatment will decrease recovery time, making your turf more resistant to stress
Lowering Costs
  • PRM client Oracle Park reduced water usage by 20% on average across their entire ballpark while using PRM
  • Sturdier turf needs resodding less often, saving money and reducing environmental impact
Improving Environmental Impact
  • Healthier soil means saving water, reducing pesticides, and delivering a superior experience for your athletes and fans

We reduced our fungicide use by 90% with PRM this year. That’s $40,000 in savings.

Greg Elliott

Head Groundskeeper, San Francisco Giants

Sports Field Case Study: Oracle Park and the San Francisco Giants

The pitcher’s mound at Oracle Park before and after two months of PRM – stress is visibly reduced, despite this being a very high traffic area on the ball field.

After six months of PRM, Oracle Park also saw:

  • Reduced soil compaction and greater water retention
  • 12.6% reduction in thatch
  • 38% decrease in black layer

PRM has helped us reduce our black layer, improve nutrient availability, improve rooting, reduce water use, and speed up recovery time between events.

Greg Elliott

Head Groundskeeper, San Francisco Giants

Black layer before PRM
Black layer after PRM

PRM has been instrumental in improving our plant health this year.

Greg Elliott

Head Groundskeeper, San Francisco Giants

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