Three No-Brainer Benefits

Healthier Soil
  • PRM’s BIOS will rejuenvate your soil, reduce black layer, mantain healthy thatch levels, and improve water retention
Reduce Costs
  • Due to improved water retention and more avaliable nutrients in the soil, you will need to spend less time and money watering and fertilizing your plants
Benefit our Environment
  • PRM will help you reduce your negative impact on our environment, which is a win for everyone

Hear From Our Customers

Before and After PRM at Eagle Hills Golf Course

At Eagle Hills, PRM’s program shows visible improvements in turf texture and quality. There is a noticable reduction in both heat and traffic stress after using PRM.


Our Results Speak for Themselves

We’re happy to share them – schedule a meeting or send us an email to hear about how we could customize a program to fit your needs!

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