Coachella Valley Golf and Water Summit

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The Coachella Valley Golf and Water Summit is presented in collaboration by the following allied golf associations and supporters: USGA, SCGA, Southern California PGA, Coachella Valley Golf & Water Task Force, Coachella Valley Water District, Hi-Lo Desert GCSA Chapter, and California Alliance for Golf.

Golf has a seat at the table

Water allocation threatens surface water users and the recharge capability in our region. Golf in the Coachella Valley has done well weaning off of potable water and making use of, what used to be more abundant, surface water. The drought conditions led to 5% allocation of Colorado River water for 2021 and 2022, which will carry into 2023. Although our snowpack looks promising this winter, the variability in snowpack and rainfall over the past 20 years has created a substantial deficit in our storage facilities in Lake Mead and Powell that we must recover from. Currently they sit at around 22% capacity, down from 95% in the year 2000. It is going to take a collaborative effort from all water users to conserve and innovate to recharge the storage facilities in the Southwest.

Commissioner Touton is calling for a 2-4 MAF annual reduction. CVWD is ramping up their conservation efforts and has committed to a 35 kAF reduction through 2026. As Robert Chang put it, “Can the golf industry partner with CVWD to answer the call?”

This is an open invitation to participate in forming the policy that will affect us, as water users.

No one knows golf better in Coachella Valley than the Hi-Lo Chapter of the GCSA. This is a voluntary opportunity to have a seat at the table to collaborate with CVWD and contribute to the policy that will affect all of us. The Inflation Reduction Act will have funding opportunities for drought mitigation in the reclamation states. Expect IRA funding opportunities to open for application between March and May of this year.

“The government provides subsidies for voluntary actions. Once mandates come out, these subsidies vanish and regulations become dictatorial.” – Craig Kessler

We encourage you to take your seat at the table and join the Golf and Water Task Force. The working group meets the 4th Wednesday of each month at 3pm at CVWD’s facility at 75525 Hovley Ln. There is also an option to attend virtually by dialing in by phone. The more involvement we have from our superintendents and golf community, the stronger position we will have in coming years. For more information on how to get involved with the task force, reach out to Molly DuVall ([email protected]).